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September 2020 Update is Coming

Please check out this video link below to see what is on its way


JUNE 2020 - G-Scan 3 service pack a critical security and performance update.

Don’t delay, “we highly recommend immediate installation of for your G-3. Benefit from the latest security, power management and scan tool enhancements to maximise your scan tools efficiency”.

MAY 2020 - Check out this video below to find out what is included in the very latest massive software release for all G scan Oceania users within subscription. This latest software release is now available to download. Don't miss out.


January 2020 - The first G scan 2 & G scan 3 Oceania software update of 2020 is officially released and is now available to download online for those users within their subscription period. If your subscription period has expired, contact us to find out how to renew and take advantage of this latest release. For detailed information regarding the update, please check out this video link.

April 2019 - The G scan 3 is officially released and is now available to the Oceania market. The G scan 3 is the latest advanced scan tool option following on from the great success of the G scan 1, G scan 2 and G scan TAB over many years.