Frequently Asked Questions

1. I own a G scan, how do I update it?

A: Click on the 'Updates' tab at the top of the home page, and next select the Tab named 'G Scan Oceania Update Procedure' to view the instructions to follow to update your G scan using the PC Utility software.

2. When I open the PC Utility Software Program on my computer, the program will not open, and displays a message 'Side by Side configuration Error'

A: Please see the download link below. Download and run the C++ file at the link, then retry opening G Scan pc utility program on your pc.

3. How do I tell if my G scan is within its software update subscription?

A: You will find your subscription expiry date on your G scan in the configuration menu under the 'Version' tab. Next to the Serial Number you will find the expiry date of your G scan software subscription in the following form. (e.g 2019.01.25). The expiry date can also be found in the PC Utility software program at the top of screen once the serial number of your G scan is registered within the program.
4. My G scan displays an error message on screen 'Vin Search-storage card, G-SCANAM, Bin, MakeOrder.gtf was not found' What should I do?
A: Remove the G Scan SD Card and check the position of the Lock Tab of the sd card. The Lock Tab should always be in the 'Unlock' position during G scan operation. If the Lock tab is loose, broken or in the Lock position, this error message may appear.

5. When attempting to update using the PC Utility software, an error message appears [Windows cannot find'C:\PCUTIL\BIN\PCUtilUpdater.exe'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.] The program will not go beyond this point. What should I do?

A: Download the EXE file from this link and then paste the EXE file into the following location on your pc. My Computer/C:/PCUTIL/BIN Then try to reopen the PC Utility program and reattempt to download the software using the Online Update.
6. Download Teamviewer from the link below for remote support

7. Download 7Zip compressed file extraction program from the link below. Suitable to extract G scan 3 emailed vehicle reports.