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Experience the New G-scan3 - Oceania version for Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific region

Built around an Android Operating System with an Octa-core 2.1 GHZ CPU, integrated with advanced diagnostic features and unparalleled functions, the G-scan3 will provide you with the ultimate scan tool user experience. Offering advanced diagnostic features such as System and DTC auto search, new fast and responsive data analysis graph mode, professional pre & post scan diagnostic report function, Smart update system plus so much more.

The G scan 3 is the latest in diagnostic scan tool technology designed to support the very latest in automotive vehicle technology supporting the following Vehicle Communication Protocols: CAN (high speed, Low Speed, Single), ISO-9141,-CARB, KWP-2000, SAEJ1708, SAEJ1587, J1850(PWM/VPW), Melco Pull-DOwn..

With a smarter & faster operating system, along with 10.1" high resolution TFT capacitive touch screen display and huge storage capability, the G scan 3 combines a powerful user friendly interface with the most advanced diagnostic capabilities across a wide range of 12v & 24v vehicles throughout the Oceania region.


Higher CPU performance

Equipped with a powerful Samsung Exynos 7420 Octa-core processor for ideal management of workshop operations, including keeping all vehicle records, customer information, and other necessary images and data.

Smarter & Faster operating system

Based on the Android 6.0 system, this provides an improved user interface and experience for fast boot up, multi tasking, better networking and enhanced system security.

Capacitive Touch Screen on 10.1" LCD

User interface through capacitive touch screen technology provides an easy & most intuitive use of a diagnostic tool and its multiple functions. The high resolution TFT screen offers greater readability and convenient touch screen operation.

Extensive Storage Capability

The internal flash memory of 64GB accommodates software applications and data for all brands with plenty of room to spare, and the external memory space up to 128GB allows an extensive amount of storage for saving images & recorded data.

Pre & Post Diagnostic Report

Designed to easily create a diagnostic report. The Pre-scan report will highlight any issues that vehicles have, whilst the Post-Scan report will confirm that they have been resolved accurately.

24V Commercial Vehicles

Designed to support the 24V commercial vehicle systems, make direct connection to trucks and buses.

Wireless Connectivity

WIFI connection to the internet allows for smart updates, quick feedback, Teamviewer support, wireless printing, browsing and more.

J2534 Pass Thru

Serves as a 'Pass Thru' device for programming ECU's on both Hyundai and Kia vehicles (USA & Europe vehicles only)

Rechargeable Battery

Equipped with a rechargeable 6300Ah battery. Besides the possibility to use the G scan 3 without external power for hours, it also enables the advanced diagnostic functions needed whilst cranking the engine.

Battery MSDS Download Link


All generic scan tools sold by G Scan Oceania are not guaranteed to work on every vehicle. You accept that the tool and software program is provided "with all faults, defects and errors" and that all scan tool sales use the program “as is” and at their own risk. All software has been extensively tested, but we cannot guarantee that every update will work correctly with every system in every car, truck or vehicle. G Scan Oceania will always commit to request the manufacturer fix any hardware or software issues and to enhance the program. We specifically disclaim any liability for damage to your car, truck or vehicle and we do not promise to have any particular enhancements or functions available on any specific date.

Category                                Specifications

CPU                                              Exynos 7420 Octa Core @ 2.1 GHz

Operating System                Android 6.0

System Memory                   Internal Flash 64GB, RAM 3GB

External Memory                 Micro SD Card (max. 128GB)

LCD                                             10.1" TFT (1280 x 800 pixel)

Input Devices                       Capacitive Touch Screen, 3 Hard keys (Power, Function 1, Function 2)

Camera                                       Rear 13Mp, AF, Flash Light

Sound                                         Speaker (Mono), Microphone & Earphone Jack

Rechargeable Battery        Li-ion Polymer, 6300mAh(3.7V), Hard Pack

Operating Voltage               DC9-30v

Sensors                                     Gyro-sensor, Acceleration sensor

Dimension                                304x208x35.5mm

External Port                            USB 2.0 Host 1ea, Host & Slave 1ea

Video out                                   HDMi

Network                                     RJ45 Ethernet, Wifi 802.11 a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0

AC/DC Adaptor

Category                            Specifications

Input Power                      100-240V AC

Frequency                         50/60Hz

Input Current                    0.8A

Output Voltage                 12V DC

Output Current                 3 A


G Scan 3 Quick Start Guide (includes registration instructions on page 8 & 9)

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