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The G-Scan 2 Premium Kit is the ultimate multifunction scan tool kit for any workshop, looking for a high level scan tool to cover both OBD 1 and OBD 2 Petrol and Diesel vehicles, 12v/24v but also includes a full range of the necessary adapters to cover earlier model cars and trucks including Isuzu and Hino Trucks plus a 9 Pin Deutsch Connector to suit generic s/w on many USA/Euro Trucks.

G-Scan 2 supports powerful, yet easy to use built-in software. Features include: built-in Protocols (CAN, K-Line/L-Line, Commercial, Data/Control Line, PC Interface)...

G-Scan 2 Functions include: System Search Mode (Searches all available ECU's), DTC Analysis, Data Analysis, Flight Recording, Flight Record Review, Actuation Tests and Special Functions (including many programming functions).

G-Scan 2 Premium Kit includes a powerful 4 Channel Oscilloscope, Graphing Multimeter and Signal Simulator. Includes Oscilloscope Back-Probe Kit.

Triple CPU High Performance Structure: Designed for fast boot-up and high performance by adopting 3 CPU’s dedicated to computing, communication and measurement.

WIN CE 6.0 Operating System: Latest Windows CE 6.0 provides improved smart phone style user interface, better networking and enhanced system security.

Wireless Connectivity: The G-scan 2 can access the Internet and utilise smart update, quick feedback system, real-time PC interface, and direct printing.

Solid and Rigid Design: Designed to be used in the tough workshop environment. Has a 4-point fastening for main DLC and utilises 13 tactile keys.

7″ Sunlight Readable LCD: High resolution 1024 x 600 LCD ensures excellent readability with striking graphical display of diagnostic data and information.

16 GB SD Card Memory: The most widely used storage solution is applied. The 16 GB SD Card sufficiently accommodates entire software applications and has huge data storage capabilities.

Rechargeable Battery: 2100Ah Li-ion battery supplies power to the G-scan 2 for more than an hour under full load condition without external source.

24V Commercial Vehicles Support: Asian commercial vehicles diagnosis is the G-scan 2 unique speciality. Make direct connection to the 24 volt system of trucks and buses.

Diagnostic S/W Fully Compatible with G-Scan: Sharing the same communication platform with G-Scan, G-scan 2 inherits G-Scan’s outstanding diagnostic capability and performance.

Zero Second Boot-up: For quick boot-up G-scan 2 supports “stand-by mode”. Hibernating with the minimum of power consumption the G-scan 2 wakes up instantly by a short press of the power key or by touching the screen.


All generic scan tools sold by G Scan Oceania are not guaranteed to work on every vehicle. You accept that the tool and software program is provided "with all faults, defects and errors" and that all scan tool sales use the program “as is” and at their own risk. All software has been extensively tested, but we cannot guarantee that every update will work correctly with every system in every car, truck or vehicle. G Scan Oceania will always commit to request the manufacturer fix any hardware or software issues and to enhance the program. We specifically disclaim any liability for damage to your car, truck or vehicle and we do not promise to have any particular enhancements or functions available on any specific date.

The G-Scan 2 Premium Kit includes: G-Scan 2 base unit, 16GB SD Memory Card, Battery Pack, DLC Main Cable with OBD 2 Adapter (12/24v), OBD 1 Adapter Kit, Truck Adapter Kit, Advanced VMi2 4 channel oscilloscope and standard accessory kit, SD Card Reader, Stylus Pen, Stylus String, Cable-Cigarette lighter, Cable-Battery, G-Scan 2 software applications (CD), AC/DC Adaptor, AC Power Cable, Hand Carry Strap, Carry Case ....

The G-Scan 2 Features include:

3 CPU's dedicated to computing, communication and measurement; Windows CE 6.0 Operating System; Wireless Connectivity allowing access to the internet for smart update and wireless printing; 7" Sunlight Readable LCD; 16 GB SD Memory Card; Rechargeable Battery;

Oscilloscope options include: COP Probe (Used for testing Coil Over Plug Ignition Systems), Ignition Probe Set (Used for testing conventional and DIS Ignition Systems), Low and High Current Clamps, Vacuum/Exhaust pressure Transducer and special adapter leads to suit 'other brand' accessories. 



Micro Controller

3xCPU: Main control board ARM11-400MHz, Communication Board ARM9-266MHz, Measurement Board (optional) ARM9-266MHz

System Memory

NAND Flash 128 & SD RAM 256MB, NAND Flash 32MB and SD RAM 8MB x 2

External Memory

16GB SD Card


480x234 pixel - 7" TFT LCD (1024 x 600 pixel)

Input Devices

Touch Screen, Power, Enter & ESC keys, 4 way directional keys, F1~F6 function keys

Indication Lamps

3 Colour LED


Buzzer & Speaker

Rechargeable Battery

Li-Ion Polymer 2100mAh 1cell

Operating Voltage

7 - 35V DC (10~35V for charging)

Housing Material

PC + ABS resin with rubber shrouds


230 x 146 x 72 mm


Approx. 1300g (with VMI2 pack mounted)


External COM Port

1 x USB 2.0 (master) and 1 x mini USB (slave)

WiFi Module


Blue Tooth


AC/DC Adaptor

Input Power

100-240V AC



VMI 2 (Vehicle Measurement Interface)

Voltage Division

2CHA Mode +-400mv, +-800mv, +-2V, +-4V, +-8V, +-20V, +-40V, +-80V, +-200V, +-400V, 4CHA Mode +-4V, +-8V, +-20V, +-40V, +-80V, +-200V, +-400V

Vertical Resolution

12 bit

Sampling Mode

Normal / Peak Mode

AC/DC Coupling


Time Division

2CHA Mode 1us - 500us, 1ms - 500ms, 1s, 2s, 5s, 4CHA Mode 5us - 500us, 1ms - 500ms, 1s, 2s, 4s

Digital Multi-Meter


+- 0.5v,/ +- 5v / +-50v / +-500v / Auto Range


1 ohm ~ 10 meg ohm / Auto range


3Hz ~ 100kHz

Duty Cycle

1.0% ~ 99.9% @ 3Hz ~ 100Hz

Pulse Width

500ns ~ 990ms

Current / Vacuum



Voltage Signal Output

0.0 ~ 5.0 V

Frequency Signal Output

1Hz ~ 15kHz

Actuator Control

Frequency Range: 1Hz ~ 2kHz, Duty Range: 1% ~ 99% (1% or 10% per step) Pulse Width: Variable Depends on Frequency or Duty

The G Scan 2 Oceania kit options are as below:


G Scan 2 Scan Only kit – Includes hard carry case, G scan 2 base unit, complete Oceania software package, main DLC with OBDII connector (12/24v), 2 years free software updates

G Scan 2 Car/Truck kit - Includes hard carry case, G scan 2 base unit, complete Oceania software package, main DLC with OBDII connector (12/24v), a range of vehicle adaptors for cars, vans, 4wd’s and trucks, & 3 years free software updates

G Scan 2 Premium kit - Includes hard carry case, G scan 2 base unit, complete Oceania software package, main DLC with OBDII connector (12/24v), a range of vehicle adaptors for cars, vans, 4wd’s and trucks, advanced VMi2 4 channel oscilloscope module with graphing multimeter and simulation output functions, & 3 years free software updates

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