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PS-M1 - Vehicle Power Stabiliser
PPower Stabiliser   Regulates battery voltage during diagnostics, ECU programming,
  ECU callibration procedures, also key programming etc.

  PS-M1 protects vehicle computers during programming and diagnostics.
  Warning Mode for over-current, automated regulated voltage output.
  Large voltage and current indicators.


G-Scan Official Firmware/Software Updates

G-Scan Official Updates are released at regular intervals and are available for immediate download to G-Scan Oceania Members.

G-Scan Officially Released Updates are in compressed zip/rar format and G-Scan Oceania recommends the WinZip/WinRAR utilities for processing of the files after downloading.

G-scan1 PC Utility Jan 2015_AUS.zip - DOWNLOAD


G-scan2 PC Utility Jan 2015_AUS.zip - DOWNLOAD

view/download G-Scan Oceania Update Procedure (PDF)

G-Scan Interim Updates: G-Scan Oceania provides an Interim Update Service. Interim Updates contain important software de-bug fixes and trial software for field service evaluation prior to an Official Update being released. Interim Updates are released on an as needed basis.
G-Scan Oceania Members can access the Interim Updates via a corresponding link on this page as they become available.

view/download G-Scan Patch File Update Instructions: WIN 7 & Vista (PDF),   WIN XP (PDF).

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G-Scan Image (.BMP) File Recall - Adobe Flash Presentation

G-Scan Flight Recording File Recall - Adobe Flash Presentation



VE Commodore: Steering Angle Sensor Calibration - Adobe Flash Presentation




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PC SCAN 01M 2015_AUS





G-scan1 PC Utility May 2014_AUS.zip - (BkUp)

G-scan2 PC Utility May 2014_AUS.zip - (BkUp)


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